The 4th International Future Center Summit will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 24-26th November 2010. The Summit is being organized by KDI (the Knowledge Dynamics Initiative of Fuji-Xerox) in collaboration with the Future Center Alliance.

The Japan Summit will bring together a broad cross-section of practitioners to explore mutually interesting concepts and create a basis for learning and collaboration in the future. At the Summit you will work with people who are actively putting Future Center concepts into practice, as well as with people who are in the process of creating new concept and methodologies for Future Centers, innovation workspaces and labs for organizational and societal innovation.

We are organizing the 4th Summit to be truly international, aiming at participants from across Asia as well as Europe and America. The program will include plenary and interactive small-group activities aimed at exploring a number of themes, with a special focus on:

  • What Japanese concepts such as “ba” can mean for future-directed dialogue, solving cross-organizational problems and creating effective spaces for organizational and societal innovation.
  • How to improve and upgrade present centers to address the challenges of the future: creating concepts and methodologies for the next generation of centers.
  • Visits to Japanese Future Centers and culturally important locations in the Tokyo area, as well as discussions revealing innovation and future-oriented practice at leading Japanese companies such as Sony, Hitachi and Kokuyo.
  • Intercultural similarities and differences in working with innovation, future centers, and collaborative work processes. What approaches are unique to different regions of the world, which approaches are universal and how can we learn from them?

There is a growing Future Center community in Japan, engaged in translating future center concepts into a new generation of centers that are both unique to Japan and relevant to today’s international world. The 40 companies in this community meet regularly, dynamically using intellectual capital to create and apply knowledge in generating new ideas for business and innovation. The Summit will focus interest on this community’s work, while exploiting their local expertise and resources to offer diverse and engaging experiences.

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